Explorer at heart.

What is it to explore? Does exploring necessarily imply going to new geographic locations? One might even explore the idea of who is it that is exploring. This blog was ostensibly created years ago to chronicle my travels. Thus the name. And some rather ambitious idea of composing and posting songs based on those travels. But life is a moving target. I’ve put aside song writing and I’ve had limited time and money for any kind of extensive travels. I’m not even sure I put a whole lot of value these days in the experience of boundless travel. Still the title of my blog is salvageable. Even a bike ride to work, along a path bordering riparian woodlands, coastal marshes, and bustling city streets, is travel. And if we listen, limiting the cacophony of our inner thoughts, it is an entropic song we are hearing. There is a melody there. And we are prone to find rhyme and rhythm in the soundtrack of life. So I will continue with this blog. I will try to include or somehow touch on the subject of travel, or just exploration, in all of my future posts. But I will give myself the freedom to include subjects that might involve spirituality (loaded word to examine at some point), anthropology, art, nature, and anything else that drives me to explore, in a post of thoughts. I will attempt to honor your time, and make each post a worthy effort.

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